Problems with your home’s foundation are a severe matter. Wall cracks, tilting chimneys, doors, or windows that stick, or the complete failure of the foundation itself are sure signs that your home is in trouble.

It’s always in your best interest to begin repairs for foundation settlement sooner than later.

If your foundation is sinking or damaged, foundation piering is your first step in creating a safe environment.

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What Causes A Settling Foundation?

Foundation settlement is a common problem, as the soil beneath our homes is constantly moving, expanding, and contracting. This can cause the foundation of your home to settle. Other causes of a settling foundation include:

  • Poor drainage
  • Weak load-bearing soil
  • Soil consolidation
  • Drought

How Does Foundation Piering Work?

Foundation piering is the technique of placing steel pipe pilings underneath the foundation footing to provide solid support from below. Once the piers have reached the appropriate depth of load-bearing soil, the foundation can either be permanently stabilized at its current elevation or raised back or near its original height.

This process makes for a stronger, more stable foundation that will last for years.

There Are Two Types Of Foundation Piering

The two most utilized foundation piering are the steel push pier and the helical piering system.

Piers can be a crucial part of your home’s foundation, providing the necessary support. Pushing piers are galvanized steel pipes driven into the soil with hydraulic rams and connected to walls by heavy-duty brackets. Push piers are a great option when soil conditions are unknown. There is also minimal disturbance to your yard.

Helical pile foundations utilize screw piles with steel shafts that are screwed into the ground with a hydraulic torque motor. Additional sections can be added until the desired depth is reached. This is also an excellent option for stabilizing light structures like decks and stairs.

Why Choose Foundation Piering?

Advantages of foundation piering include:

  • Resolving the settling of the home due to unstable soil
  • More cost-effective than replacing the foundation in its entirety
  • Reduced damage to your yard during piering
  • Once complete, piering is a permanent, invisible solution

Not only will foundation piering readjust and strengthen the structure of your home it will also then allow you to repair cracks and waterproof the basement walls.

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