Street Creep or concrete creep occurs as a result of the unpredictable movement, shift and expansion of concrete streets due to thermal changes. Foundation damage due to Street Creep is a common occurrence in the St. Charles, Missouri area due to our extreme temperature changes. Similar to an earth quake, there is no valid method to predict when this problem will happen. The extreme pressure caused from Street Creep will crack and destroy foundations and driveways. The only way to monitor this movement and prevent damage to your home is installing our seamless rubber expansion joint. Our commitment, as your local foundation repair experts, is to provide the community with a cost effective solution to the phenomenon known as Street Creep.

street creep repair expansion joint

Any home in Missouri with a concrete driveway that meets the street is at risk.

Your state and local government protect their structures with metal “finger” joints from damaging effects caused by Street Creep. Now you will have the ability to provide your home with the same level of protection. Missouri Basement is an installer of the only product that allows the homeowner the ability to monitor the amount of concrete street movement toward their home. Our seamless rubber expansion joint integrates with your current façade and does not diminish your curb appeal.

Signs Of Street Creep

  • Compressed Expansion Joints: The existing expansion joints between the street and driveway, as well as between the driveway and garage slab, are fully compressed. Even if the joint looks wide enough at the surface, there may still be contact below. The expansion joint can compress up to 1 1/2 inches.
  • Foundation Wall Movement: The foundation walls on either side of the garage door are pushed inward by the driveway slab
  • Gaps Around the Garage Door: As a result of the garage slab being pushed rearward, Gaps have formed behind the foundation walls on either side of the garage door.
  • Structural Wall Movement: Basement walls or foundation walls have been pushed out by the garage slab.
  • Garage Wall Cracks: Cracks on the interior, where the garage floor and foundation wall meet.

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