When a structural foundation begins to settle, it can affect your home’s value, appearance, and safety. If you need to correct your failing foundation, it is better to get ahead of the problem before it becomes a more significant issue and costs more money. Foundation piering is one of the most cost-effective solutions we offer to keep you in your home.


Foundation piering is the technique of driving steel pipe pilings into the ground beneath the foundation footing in order to reach the proper load-bearing soil to permanently support the home. Once the piers have reached the proper depth, the foundation can either be permanently stabilized at its current elevation or, raised back or near to its original elevation.


The two most common and effective types of engineered piering systems used areFoundation push pier attached to a foundation footing. the steel push pier and the helical piering system. Push piers consist of galvanized steel pipes driven into the soil with a hydraulic ram. In contrast, helical piers use screw piles with steel shafts screwed into the ground with a hydraulic torque motor. The steel piers are driven into a suitable load-bearing soil layer or bedrock and connected to the foundation with a heavy-duty steel bracket. When each pile reaches a stable bearing stratum, hydraulic lift cylinders are attached and used to raise the structural foundation back to its original elevation if possible. When the proper elevation is reached, the piers are affixed to wall brackets, locking the foundation into place.


  • Can resolve both the settling of the home (unstable soil) and the movement out of level of your home in one go.
  • Ten times less expensive than replacing the original foundation.
  • Little to no yard destruction in some cases
  • Hidden underground Permanent solution


A settling foundation is no joking matter. If you see wall cracks, tilting chimneys, doors or windows that stick, or the complete failure of the foundation itself, these are signs that your foundation is settling. Foundation settlement is a common problem in Missouri and will only worsen (and cost more to repair) over time. It’s always in your best interest to begin repairs for foundation settlement sooner rather than later.The foundation and its footings depend on the soil surrounding it to hold the foundation in place. On paper, this design should stand the test of time; however, the soil beneath and around the foundation constantly changes, making it hard to control. Soil conditions are also rarely considered during the construction of the foundation in residential homes. It’s typically a one size fits all approach in regards to foundation design. There are a variety of reasons why these foundations settle.


Not only will foundation piering readjust and strengthen the structure of your home it will also then allow you to repair cracks and waterproof the basement walls. Piering is only the first step in securing your basement to be safe and dry, allowing you to use the space in whatever way you want. At Missouri Basement, our team of professionals will make sure to take care of your foundation problem on the first try. Our engineered solutions will leave you feeling confident that you have secured your home for a lifetime. Contact us today to schedule your free foundation inspection.