Sump Pump System – The Heart of the Waterproofing System

If you are going to rely on a sump pump to keep your basement dry, it is important that it is of the highest quality with a proven track record of reliability. You should always make sure that your sump pump is serviced regularly. If your sump pump fails to turn on when necessary, it could render the best waterproofing system useless and your basement could flood.



We recommend the PHCC Pro Series AC pumps because of their outstanding durability, great features and ability to run continuously 24/7, 365 days a year! They’re strong and tough and if you use one intermittently as part of a sump pump application, you can extend the life of the pump.

Sump Pump

  • Stainless steel cast iron
  • Energy efficient (less than 50% electricity used among leading pumps)
  • Pumps 3000 gallons per hour @ 10ft head
  • Upper and lower ball bearing (Perfectly balanced shaft and impeller)
  • Removable strainer
  • Dual float controller (For extra reliability)
  • Continuous duty construction
  • Alarm system hook-up (connect to home security system)
  • Alarm Alerts home owner of switch and/or pump problems
  • 4 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Battery Backup Pump – For Your Peace of Mind

Backup pump combo


We always recommend adding battery backup protection to your primary pump, especially if you plan to finish your basement. It’s common sense, with heavy storms often come power outages.

The PS2400 backup system has an advanced alarm system that alerts you when batteries need to be replaced. If a circuit breaker is blown, or if the unit is unplugged, clogged or broken, it will let you know. This advanced system comes with an easy-to-use test switch so you can make sure it’s in good working order.

These pumps start automatically when the water volume exceeds the capacity of the main AC pump and can pump up to 7.5 continuous hours on a single battery. The battery is efficient at 12 volts so it can work longer and the batteries can be linked for longer pump availability. Both battery systems together can handle up to 33,000 gallons of water.

These advanced pumps are like easy-to-use, ‘smart’ pumps that pinpoint problems for you and offers solutions on the control panel. Like the regular pump, they also have a 4 year warranty, designed to give you that extra bit of protection when you really need it.

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