Leaning and bowing in the walls in your basement or crawlspace is a very concerning experience for homeowners. Bowed, cracked, or leaning basement walls are a sign that something is going very wrong with the structural integrity of your property.

Bowing Foundation Wall

Bowing walls are caused by hydrostatic pressure or a lack of support, which becomes too much for the walls to handle. If left, bowing walls can lead to significant problems such as a collapsing foundation, wall cracks, and water damage. A cave-in can cause irreparable damage to the house and contents, making it essential to secure, stabilize and correct deteriorating basement walls — before it’s too late.

Until now, homeowners had few choices for repairing foundation walls except to excavate around the wall and build a new basement wall. This solution is expensive, time-consuming, and destructive to landscaping. Not only that, the problem can recur if the wall is not correctly rebuilt or if steps are not taken to correct the causes of the initial deterioration.

Bowing Foundation Wall Solutions

Thankfully, bowing walls are a solvable issue. From old school steel beams to state of the art carbon fiber beams, if your foundation wall isn’t laying on the ground we can probably repair it.

Our team of professionals uses the best and latest tools, such as a wall anchor system that will draw your wall back into its original position and prevent future deterioration.

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