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Why Winterizing Your Crawl Space is a Must for Homeowners

winterize crawlspace

Why Winterizing Your Crawl Space is a Must for Homeowners As the leaves turn and temperatures begin to drop, homeowners across the Midwest are preparing for winter. While many focus on insulating their attics or weatherproofing doors and windows, one crucial area often overlooked is the crawl space. Why is crawl space winterization so important? […]

Is it time to invest in a dehumidifier?

At Missouri Basement, we understand that one of the most significant threats to the integrity of your basement is excess moisture. This silent intruder can lead to a host of problems, from structural damage to health issues for your family. To combat this common issue, we recommend using dehumidifiers as an essential tool in maintaining a dry […]

6 Tips To Remain Energy Efficient This Season

energy efficiency

Now that it’s getting colder and energy costs are expected to rise, it’s time to start thinking about how to keep those bills down. Put Your Ceiling Fans On “Winter Mode” Most fans on the market have what’s known as “winter mode” that allows it to turn clockwise in the winter months. When the fan […]