Basement Waterproofing In St. Charles and St. Louis MO

Missouri Basements’ basement waterproofing methods provide each homeowner with the best solution to their wet basement problem. Our project manager will come to your home to review your basement situation, detecting basement leaks and identifying the source of the water. Generally, the best approach to water seepage or moisture correction is to either stop it, or, control it at the source.

Exterior Waterproofing

This method will require the excavation of the foundation walls down to the footing level. At this point your walls would have to be cleaned and sealed using a high quality, spray applied waterproofing membrane. A foundation wall and footing drain leading to either an exterior sump pump, or a daylight drain, would need to be installed to relieve hydro-static pressure.

While the benefits of exterior waterproofing are obvious, this solution isn’t always practical for most homeowner’s situation. Considering that any obstacles in the area to be excavated, such as concrete patios, porches, decks, landscaping, etc., would have to be removed and replaced, making this option cost prohibitive in most cases.

Interior Drainage Systems

An interior basement drainage system involves the installation of a perforated piping system below the basement slab. As the water pressure builds beneath the slab, it will enter the piping system and be carried to a sump pit housing the sump pump and will then be discharged to the exterior of the building. When professionally installed with quality products, and a regular sump pump maintenance plan is followed, an interior drainage system will keep your basement dry for decades.

Using high quality basement waterproofing products, and a staff that has encountered and conquered virtually every waterproofing challenge imaginable in St. Charles and St. Louis, Missouri Basement delivers effective solutions for all your waterproofing needs. At Missouri Basement, you will find an indispensable source of ideas and industry know-how.

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