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Why Winterizing Your Crawl Space is a Must for Homeowners

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Why Winterizing Your Crawl Space is a Must for Homeowners As the leaves turn and temperatures begin to drop, homeowners across the Midwest are preparing for winter. While many focus on insulating their attics or weatherproofing doors and windows, one crucial area often overlooked is the crawl space. Why is crawl space winterization so important? […]

Do You Have Basement Bugs? Here’s How To Get Rid of Them

One common issue that many homeowners face in basements is the unwelcome presence of bugs. Especially during the dog days of summer, the warmer temperatures and higher humidity create optimal conditions for bug activity. Many pests are most active during this time, seeking shelter and moisture in cool, damp basements. In addition to the environment, […]

4 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

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The vapor barrier in your home’s crawl space should last for many years. If yours is older, it may be time to get it inspected and if needed, replaced. Here are the most common signs you should keep an eye out for to determine if your crawl space vapor barrier needs attention: