Are you noticing condensation build-up on the windows of your home or business? That means you have a problem with excess humidity. Excess humidity in your home or business can cause problems like a musty smell, mold, mildew, and rot that can damage your belongings.

Here are five ways to control humidity in your home or business for a healthier environment.

Increase Air Circulationhumidity in business

Increasing the air circulation in your home or business through vents and fans can help control the humidity. This means utilizing exhaust fans in kitchens and bathrooms, venting clothes dryers to the outside, and turning off appliances like humidifiers when they aren’t needed.

Make Sure There’s Good Insulation

Good insulation in your building protects it against both hot and cold weather and “sweating”—especially around water pipes. This helps remove excess moisture and keeps the humidity down.

Fix Leaks & Other Moisture Problems

Fixing leaks and other moisture problems can cause the humidity to rise in your building and cause other issues like bowing walls. If you’re experiencing moisture problems in your home or business that contribute to high humidity, call Missouri Basement. We will come into your home for a free estimate, diagnose the problem and fix it with solutions like wall anchor systems and carbon fiber or urethane injection crack repairs.

Install A Vapor Barrier

Call a professional like Missouri Basement to install a vapor barrier in your crawlspace or basement. This thick, plastic sheeting system encapsulates the area to keep it dry and keep that moisture at bay. At Missouri Basement, we utilize the White Cap Vapor Barrier to shield your living space from poor air quality, moisture, and more.

Use Dehumidifiers

A dehumidifier is a great way to control humidity in your home or business. These can be as small as a single-room unit to those specifically designed for larger areas like basements. Dehumidifiers pull excess moisture out of the air and store condensation inside the unit. Remember to regularly drain the dehumidifier to allow it to work effectively.

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