Fall is here, which means winter is just a few months away. If you haven’t already, now is the time to start preparing your crawl space for the cold. Doing so will help prevent frozen and burst pipes and high energy bills.

Install a vapor barrier

winterize crawlspace

A vapor barrier is a great way to encapsulate your crawl space and turn it into a dry, clean area. This thick plastic sheeting system prevents moisture from entering your crawl space.

If your vapor barrier is older, check these signs to see if it’s time to replace it:

Close air vents and add insulation where possible

The air vents around your crawl space are designed to allow for airflow, but in the winter, the stack effect pushes the warmer air up. When open in the winter, the air vents can cause cold air to come in and lead to your pipes freezing due to condensation buildup. Before winter weather hits, make sure that they are closed or sealed. Adding insulation to your crawl space where possible will also help keep pipes and other essential systems from freezing and springing a leak.

Clean your gutters

While they aren’t a part of your crawlspace, your gutters play an important part in keeping the area dry. If your gutters aren’t working correctly or are clogged, that excess water can pool near your home and leak into the crawl space. So make sure that they’re regularly cleaned out. Once cleaned, check them for any damage.

Get your foundation checked for cracks and leaks

Cracks and leaks in your foundation can really take a toll on your home in the winter. Water can freeze, melt, and refreeze, causing the crack to get bigger over time. This can severely compromise the safety of your home and lead to water and foundation damage.

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