The goal of good drainage in your yard is to keep water away from your home and other spaces. This essential system is sometimes overlooked in landscape design, which can cause many problems, from a damaged foundation to your landscaping, like root rots and other plant problems.

When you have effective yard drainage, it:

Prevents soil erosionbasement waterproofing

When you have good drainage in your yard, the soil displaced by rain is lessened. Soil erosion can damage your landscaping and the foundation of your home in the long run. If your yard is experiencing erosion, divert water from your home, plant native landscaping to stabilize slopes, and consider hardscaping like retaining walls.

Prevents standing water

Standing water presents a dangerous situation on your property. It encourages bacterial and parasite growth and is a breeding ground for insects like mosquitos. It can also hide holes in the yard or cracks in sidewalks that can pose a hazard to visitors and yourself.

Too much water will also seep into your soil and eventually reach its saturation point, or how much water it can hold. Once that point is reached, it will go into unwanted places: like your home.

Moves water away from your home

You keep your foundation safe when water moves away from your home. Suppose there is standing water and soil erosion around your home’s foundation. In that case, hydrostatic pressure can cause water to flood into your basement.

Poor drainage leads to moisture in your basement, which can lead to mold, mildew, and wood rot. If your sump pump is continuously running, contact Missouri Basement for an inspection and basement waterproofing. Adding downspout extensions, French drains, basement drains, and other drainage systems are several ways to stop water from going where it doesn’t need to.

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