Your sump pump is an essential part of your basement waterproofing system. Do you have a backup battery for it when the power goes out, or the central system fails?

Prevent flooding and other water damagesump pump backup battery

A backup battery is a great thing to have in your arsenal, as electrical outages (especially during storms) are one of the leading causes of your sump pump not doing its job. When the main power to your sump pump stops, the backup battery kicks in and ensures your pump continues to remove water and prevent flooding and other water damage.

Keep your backup batteries and sump pump maintained

Like all electrical and mechanical systems, your sump pump and backup batteries must be maintained to prevent failure. Battery voltages should be checked every six months and can quickly be done at home with a voltmeter purchased at a hardware store.

Test your sump by slowly pouring water into it until the float rises. The pump should turn on automatically and back off when the water is drained.

Trust Missouri Basement for all your sump pump needs

At Missouri Basement, we offer the PS2400 backup system. This system alerts you when batteries need to be replaced or if there is any other problem, like a blown circuit. These advanced pumps are like easy-to-use, ‘smart’ pumps that pinpoint issues for you and offer solutions on the control panel. Like the regular pump, they also have a 4-year warranty, designed to give extra protection when needed.

No matter the problem with your sump pump or if you need installation of a backup battery, the professionals at Missouri Basement are here for you. We will inspect your basement and sump pump to ensure that it’s working correctly and, if needed, install a new one.

Don’t Wait For Disaster To Strike

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