Missouri has a history of mining dating back as early as the 1740s, where miners mined resources such as lead, iron, limestone, gravel, and coal. As a result, the state has many abandoned mines that can affect the stability of the ground.

If your home was built on mine subsidence, naturally, you worry about sinking. What do you do?

You will need mine subsidence insurancehome built on mine subsidence

If your home is built on mine subsidence, you must purchase insurance. This insurance is separate from your primary home insurance, so research to see if your preferred insurance company covers mine subsidence.

Know the signs of mine subsidence

Your home doesn’t have to be directly over a mine to be affected by subsidence damage. Since subsidence damage can happen at any time, it’s important to know the signs:

  • Cracks or breaks in the foundation
  • Cracks in basement walls, driveways, or garage floors
  • Popping or snapping sounds, as if the structure is shifting
  • Unlevel walls or floors
  • Doors that swing open or closed on their own
  • Rippled wallpaper not caused by moisture

If your home is experiencing these signs, immediately call a professional to minimize the damage. Then, contact your insurance company and your utility companies.

You may be able to take advantage of Abandoned Mine Land funding

Missouri does provide Abandoned Mine Land funding to help property owners “fill a subsidence hole or to stabilize the soils beneath the house to minimize further subsidence.” If your home is affected by mind subsidence, you may be eligible.

If damage to the home has occurred, you and your insurance company are responsible for repair.

Foundation repair and stabilization at Missouri Basement

While mine subsidence problems aren’t typically something the average homeowner has to worry about, it’s a frightening experience when it does occur. The solution to mine subsidence damage depends on where the damage has occurred. For example, sinking foundations require piering. Other solutions include:

Keep your home safe with Missouri Basement