If you’re a homeowner, chances are you’ve thought about tackling some DIY basement waterproofing projects. After all, who doesn’t want to try and save a few bucks on an expensive home improvement project? Unfortunately, DIY solutions often provide temporary fixes that won’t last longer than the immediate problem.

DIY kits aren’t a one-size-fits-allprofessional basement waterproofing

No two waterproofing jobs are the same. When you buy a DIY kit, you could end up with the wrong materials for the job, leading to subpar results. With expert waterproofing, the right materials are brought for the job.

There’s no guarantee or warranty

You get no guarantee or warranty when you DIY a project, whether waterproofing or otherwise. So, if something goes wrong, you aren’t covered and bear the total costs of repairs. That’s not the case with professional waterproofing: All jobs done by the experts at Missouri Basement are covered under a warranty and guarantee that keeps you and your home safe.

It’s more expensive in the long run

DIYing your own waterproofing will be more expensive in the long run—especially if you fail to find where the water is coming from and use the wrong materials. As a result, you could be left with a poorly-done waterproofing job and paying a professional to fix the problem. This will cause you to spend more in the end than having just hired a professional.

It’s dangerous

Waterproofing your basement and foundation is dangerous and sometimes requires excavating the surrounding soil as deep as eight feet. In addition, there are gas and water lines to take into account.

It can be ineffective in the long term, putting your health and safety at risk by exposing dangerous mold or leaving unhealthy moisture buildup untreated.

Leave waterproofing to the professionals at Missouri Basement

When your basement and foundation need waterproofing, leave it to the professionals at Missouri Basement. We arrive with all the necessary tools, utilize their expertise to identify problems, and provide sound advice on the appropriate action.

Let our experts assess your home’s waterproofing needs to ensure it is maintained properly so your family can enjoy a safe, comfortable living space

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