A flooded basement is more than just a giant headache; they’re a safety and health hazard. When your basement floods, you have more than just water to contend with—there may be sewer backup and debris like building materials. These can cause injury and illness if not handled properly.

In the event of a flooded basement due to poor drainage, sump pump failure, or other cause, here’s how you can get started on cleaning and repair:repair flooded basement

Contact your insurance company

Immediately contact your insurance company to file a claim in the event of a flood. This can go a long way in helping you save on repair costs. Make sure you have coverage for the flooding damage, as this type of insurance is bought separately from your home insurance.

Remember to take videos and photos of the damage to make it easier to prove your case and get reimbursement.

Turn off the power

Electric shock is a very real threat during a basement flood. If you can, turn off the power to your home to prevent accidental shock and stay away from the water. This is especially important if the water is up against an outlet.

Remove everything wet

Mold can quickly grow on materials that have gotten wet during a flood. Remove these items from your home and lay them out to dry, preferably outside if you can. Mold growth in your home is unsightly and can be dangerous and lead to health symptoms like fever and breathing problems.

If mold is in your home after a flood, do not paint or caulk over it. This does not solve the problem; the paint or caulk will eventually peel away. Instead, call Missouri Basement for mold remediation.

Trust Missouri Basement To Resolve Your Basement Issues

Once you have contacted your insurance company, call the professionals at Missouri Basement. We are an independent contractor who will come to your home to survey the damage and give a repair cost estimate. Then, we will provide you with fans to help dry the space faster and prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

We help you secure your home and create a safe living space. Our team will provide a free inspection and recommend any necessary repairs or engineering solutions. No stone is left unturned before we begin construction.

Don’t Wait For Disaster To Strike

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