St. Charles Historic District

St. Charles Historic District is a national historic district located in St. Charles, St. Charles County, Missouri. You can explore the history of Lewis and Clark’s journey and the first permanent European settlement on the Missouri River by taking a trip to the St. Charles Historic District. There are also numerous museums and historical buildings in the historic district. The district is a great place for a day trip from Kansas City. There are a variety of activities for all ages, including tours of the buildings. The best way to see it is by foot.

The Commons Neighborhood of St. Charles was once part of the St. Louis Common Field. Its boundaries were extended east of Kingshighway but excluded properties that were non-contributing to the area. The period of significance in this neighborhood runs from 1850 to 1963. In addition to the historic districts, there are several other neighborhoods within the city. These areas offer many opportunities to explore the city’s past.

In addition to the historic district, there are several other historic districts in the town. The Commons Neighborhood was once part of the St. Louis Common Field. Its boundaries included the area west of Sixth Street, but they were not part of the original area. The boundary of this area was extended to include properties that were east of Kingshighway but did not contribute to the historic district. This section of the city was incorporated in 1993 and is home to several museums and historical sites. Check it out here

The Commons Neighborhood was annexed to the city in 1849. The city was populated with German immigrants. In 1849, a large area was annexed. It now has the Commons Neighborhood Historic District, a stretch of land between Fifth and Sixth Streets. This area is also home to Benton Avenue, which was originally known as 5-1/2 Street. The Second Heavy Immigration of Germans to the United States took place during the 1860s, resulting in an increase in population of 116% in the city.

The Commons Neighborhood Historic District is the largest of the four historic districts in the city. It once included the St. Charles Common Field and a large portion of the city. However, the boundaries were narrow to allow for some non contributing structures. In total, the historic district encompasses nine buildings. Its historic value is reflected in the diversity of the area. This is a perfect spot to enjoy the beautiful architecture and historical attractions of the area.

The Commons Neighborhood Historic District was formerly part of the St. Charles Common Field. The boundaries were once bounded by the Kingshighway. In 1849, the district was located on a wide street, which led to its inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places. Today, the Commons Neighborhood is one of the city’s most significant historic districts. The entire area was once a common field, but the area was annexed in 1963.

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