Window wells are structures that are installed outside basement egress windows. They are typically made of metal or concrete and are designed to prevent soil and debris from accumulating around the window. Window wells are important because they allow natural light to enter the basement, making the space feel more inviting and less claustrophobic. They also provide a means of escape in case of an emergency.

Prevents water from seeping into the basement

One of the main reasons why window wells need to be waterproofed is to prevent water from seeping into the basement through the window. If water is allowed to accumulate in the window well, it can eventually seep through the window and cause damage to the interior of the basement. This can lead to mold growth, wood rot, and other damage that can be expensive to repair.

Prevents soil erosion

Another reason window wells must be waterproofed is to prevent soil erosion. If water is allowed to accumulate in the window well, it can cause the soil around the window to erode. This can weaken the foundation of the house and lead to structural damage.

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There are several ways to waterproof a window well. One of the most common methods is to install a drainage system that will channel water away from the window and into a nearby storm drain or other drainage systems. This can be done by installing a drain at the bottom of the window well or by installing a French drain around the perimeter of the window well.

Another method of waterproofing a window well is to install a cover over the top of the window well. This can prevent water and debris from accumulating in the window well in the first place. Covers can be made of metal, plastic, or other materials and can be customized to fit the specific dimensions of the window well.

Window wells are an important component of any basement and should be adequately waterproofed to prevent water damage and soil erosion. Homeowners should consult a professional contractor to determine the best waterproofing method for their window well.

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