Converting your basement into a finished one can add so much more room to your home to live in and enjoy. You just must make sure that it’s safe!

In fact, any room used for sleeping or as a living area must have a window through which you can get out. This includes the basement in the form of egress windows.

Backfilling egress windowEgress Windows Are Required By Code

If your finished basement has a bedroom, or you want to convert your finished basement into a bedroom, egress windows are required by code. This is because they provide inhabitants of the home a safe means of escape from the basement in case of emergency. They also allow entry for firefighters and other emergency personnel.

Before installing an egress window, understand that the size and shape is governed by state, local, and international building code guidelines. In St. Louis, Missouri the window cannot be more than 44” off the floor. The minimum height of the window is 24” and the minimum width is 20”.

Does An Egress Window Need A Window Well?

Egress windows use a window well, a shield that sits inside an excavated portion of the earth surrounding a below-ground basement window, to make sure earth and other debris doesn’t block the it. These are also required for safety reasons.

You don’t want to have an emergency and find that the egress is blocked!

Egress Windows Can Add Value To Your Home

Because egress windows are installed in finished basements with bedrooms, the value of your home can increase approximately 50% of the value of the main floor.

Trust The Experts At Missouri Basement To Install Your Egress Windows

At Missouri Basement, we are certified to install window wells and egress windows in your home. These windows are not a weekend DIY project and one best left to the professionals.

Keep Your Finished Basement Up To Code And Safe

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