Do you shiver whenever you enter your basement? It may be in your best interest to get it insulated!

Finished or not, an insulated basement will provide your home with a myriad of benefits such as:

Increasing your home’s energy efficiencyMissouri Basement

When your home (and basement!) is properly insulated it will keep warmer and cooler air from escaping throughout the year. As a result, you can be more comfortable in the space and you can expect your HVAC systems to work more efficiently.

Remember that insulating your basement will make a difference in temperature and reduce heat loss but if there’s no heating, you can expect a bit of a chill.

Helping soundproof the space

In addition to making the basement feel warmer in the winter, insulating the space may also help with sound reduction. This is great if you have a laundry room down there that can get loud and reverberate throughout the house.

Insulation is a requirement for finished basements

No one wants to sit in a cold room in the winter. Like the rest of your home, your finished basement must be properly insulated as per code requirements. Insulating your finished basement will keep the space comfortable to be in and help lower your heating and cooling costs.

Make sure the basement is waterproofed before installing insulation

Remember that insulated doesn’t mean waterproofed. If you experience flooding then all that time and effort insulating your basement will go to waste. Your contractor at Missouri Basement will inspect your basement before recommending a basement waterproofing solution. These solutions can range from vapor barriers to full perimeter drainage systems.

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