Whether you need waterproofing so you can create a beautiful finished basement, a vapor barrier to prevent pests and moisture, or need foundation repair, Missouri Basement will help you find the best solution.

At Missouri Basement, we are proud to offer free “EZ-crack” estimates so you are never caught off guard by unforeseen costs. We strive to give you the most accurate estimate for the work you need done. When estimates are made, there are many variables to consider that not only help determine price, but the best method for you.basement waterproofing

What Is The Size Of Your Basement, Crawlspace, Or Other Site Of Work?

First, what is the size of your basement or other site of work and its layout? This will be a factor in your estimate, as it helps us (and you!) understand how large the worksite is and quantity of materials needed.

What Is The Age Of The Home?

Next, how old is the home? We ask this question because the way homes have been built since the late 1960s has drastically changed. Homes built prior to 1960 may not have a footer component to the foundation that allows water to better drain away via a water tunnel. Depending on the age of the home, some things like drains may need to be updated to make your basement safer and drier.

What Material Is The Foundation?

If your foundation needs repair, the material it is made of will also be a factor in estimating the repair cost. For example, if you have an older home whose foundation is made of concrete block, water can seep in and cause problems like cracking, mold, and other problems. When we inspect your home for your free estimate, we will take note of materials used and give you the best repair solutions.

Missouri Basement Installs Long-Lasting Solutions

When we install basement solutions in your home, we make sure that it will last for years to prevent future problems like bowing, moisture, and settling. At Missouri Basement, our team of professionals will make sure get the job done right on the first try. Our engineered solutions will leave you feeling confident that you have secured your home for a lifetime.

We also offer financing and service plans and pride ourselves in offering what you need—no unnecessary frills.

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