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  Foundation Repair

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Missouri Basement's Foundation Piering

Piering is a process that disperses the weight of your home and foundation to more solid surfaces deeper down in the soil.

Major structural problems can lead to cracks, leaks and other issues with the rest of the home.  Leveling up your foundation and allowing it to be supported can help to address these issues. Support piers can add the resistant strength of bedrock, or other load bearing strata to the foundation of your home.

 • Tilting Chimneys
 • Cracked Walls
 • Foundation Settlement
 • Foundation Stabilization
 • Cracked Bricks
 • Sloping Floors
 • Leaking Walls
 • Sheet rock Cracks
 • Sticky Doors and Windows

All of these are signs that the foundation is the first place to look to solve your basement issues.

Underpinning an existing structure or installing a deep foundation system requires specialized knowledge and training. Missouri Basement, your local foundation repair experts, can work with you to solve leaking, cracking and bowing walls.

During our initial inspection of your basement and foundation, we identify any potential structural problems.  Basement waterproofing work may be the solution; however, before that work happens we will directly address any of the foundation problems that could be causing these basement leaks to occur. Foundation settlement issues, which may include cracked walls, leaky walls or cracks in the foundation footing, typically end up producing basement water issues.

We work to secure the total health of the whole foundation.

We’re foundation specialists; your stability is our life.


Quiet vibration free hydraulic equipment is used to install the Missouri Basement's Steel Pier™. All installation equipment is portable and can be manually transported on the jobsite and into position. After all of the piers are installed and load tested, the structure can be immediately restored by transferring the load to the piers. There's no time wasted, waiting for concrete to cure, and no soil to remove from the site. A measured factor of safety is verified, as the piers are 100% load tested to a force greater than the actual working load.

Whether your foundation is stone, concrete block or poured concrete, Missouri Basement should be your first choice as an underpinning solution. Foundation repair or underpinning projects are usually completed in days, not weeks. Should conditions change, the piers can be easily inspected, tested and/or adjusted.

To learn more about our piering service, please call or email us. We will happy to speak to answer any question you may have.



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